The first stage of any treatment involves listening to your story, the symptoms you have experienced and how they have affected your health, feelings and quality of life. After this detailed ‘case-taking’, I will listen to your system as you lie, fully clothed, on a treatment couch. During the session, you may feel warmth, pulsations or tingling in different parts of your body.



What I am intending here is to listen with my knowing, feeling and sensing hands in order to assess where there may be hidden strain patterns, or restricted flow of the cerebrospinal fluid. By mirroring back these patterns to your intelligent system, it will be able to release them and realign itself to balance and health. At the end of this initial session, I may also prescribe a ‘constitutional’ homeopathic medicine or remedy, which is made from an infinitesimal and energised dose of an animal, mineral or plant substance. This potentised remedy resonates with the totality of your symptoms and being, and acts to stimulate your innate vital force in order to restore health, harmony and balance.



As a result of this treatment, your energy should improve and your symptoms should clear from the ‘inside out’. It is also not uncommon to experience a slight intensification of your symptoms within the first week. This is a sign that a healing process has begun and any discomfort or imbalance should soon pass